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Opera 3

One System. One Solution.

Opera 3 is an accounting and business solution that can be fully integrated throughout your business for a unified view, eliminating the need for separate finance, payroll, CRM, supply chain or service systems. 

Flexibility comes as standard. Its application features and customisation, configuration and setup options allow you to build the specific solution you need to suit your particular business. It means you can buy what you need, when you need it, and expand the solution as your business grows.

It’s for everyone in your business, for Accounts, Sales, Payroll and much more.

Finance Manager “How can I manage my cash flow effectively?” with Financials

Logistics Manager “How can I save time and money and reduce my paper trail?” with Supply Chain Management

MD “Tell me what I need to know without telling me everything.” with Business Intelligence

Sales Manager “I want my system to share key information across all departments.” with CRM

Payroll Clerk “I need a payroll system that will take the stress out of my payroll processes.” with Payroll & HR

Service Manager “To retain customers, I need to provide excellent after-sales care.” with Service & Helpdesk Management


Financials are the core to any business, whatever its size. With Opera 3 you can continually track your revenue and when it is due. Equally important, it reminds you who you owe money to and when it has to be paid. You’ll find visibility of your cash flow invaluable to your profit generation. What’s more, reports from the Financials can be output directly to MS Excel.

Pegasus Accounting Software Desktop

Supply Chain Management

Opera 3 has been designed to simplify control of the supply chain from end to end, helping customers to control inventory costs and improve customer service efficiency. Opera 3 also simplifies the most complex of order processing and manufacturing requirements; delivering fast order entry input, materials tracking and traceability, back to back order handling, allocation of stock or assembly kitting and much more. 

Business Intelligence

With Opera 3, you have advance intelligence working for you for smarter decision making. Pegasus XRL is a powerful reporting tool that allows you to import live data from Opera 3 into an Excel spreadsheet, so you can manipulate and produce reports using the Excel interface you are familar with.

Pegasus Accounting Software Desktop


Managing opportunities and converting them into sales: that’s what running a business is all about. Opera 3 CRM allows you to not only generate prospects, but also to effectively manage your relationship with these prospects so that they become customers. It then goes on to give you all you need to retain those new customers through effective account management and marketing.

Payroll & HR

Regular changes in legislation means that any Payroll & HR solution worth having must continually evolve to keep pace; Opera 3 simplifies complex payroll procedures, and ensures they are performed accurately, automatically and on time. What’s more, it has HMRC PAYE Recognition and RTI Recognition for 2013/14.

Pegasus Accounting Software Payroll
Pegasus Accounting Software

Service & Helpdesk Management

After the sales cycle is completed, offering exceptional after-sales service and care is vital for customer retention. And this is where Service & Helpdesk Management is invaluable. Working with CRM, Invoicing/SOP and Stock Control, Service & Helpdesk Management streamlines and simplifies the management of service and maintenance contracts with your customers.

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